NL 14-1210031

"Expensive Harry"

Direct Jan Hooymans

Son "Harry"

1 Blois 37.728

1 Chateauroux 22.340

3 Chateaudun 21.520

very close inbred to "Jonge Bliksem" x "Dirkje"

Superbreedingcouple Jan Hooymans

"Expensive Harry" is father to B 18-2132113

1st Chateauroux 713

72 Nat. Montlucon 14.104

14 Argenton 378

146 Issoudun 2.570

39 Bourges 680

196 Noyon 3405

"Expensive Harry" is father to "Arry Boy" (Tam Blair - UK)

One off the best Hooymans breeders in the UK

Sire of 7 x 1st Prizes incuding

1st from 691 birds

1st from 332 birds

1st UK 2nd Open Honest Romania OLR

1st UK 3rd Open Honest Romania OLR

1st UK 5th Open Honest Romania OLR

1st UK 11th Open Honest Romania OLR

1st Club 1st Eastdown Combine 25th Open I.N.F.0 National Skibareen 5,200 +birds 

2nd UK 11th Hot Spot One Honest Romania

3rd from 817 birds

3rd from 1,276 birds

3rd from 781 birds

3rd from 168 birds

3rd from 1,129 birds

4th from 1,816 birds

4th UK 21st Open Honest Romania OLR

4th from 656 birds beat by 3 loft mates

5th from 1,129 birds

5th from 1,257birds

4th from 1,139 birds

6th from 980 birds

6th UK 46th Open 2,709 birds Algarve OLR

8th from 1,705 birds

8th UK 42nd Open Honest Romania OLR

8th UK 80th Open Honest Romania OLR

17th Sect 52nd National SNRPC 619 birds 285 miles.

18th UK 207th Open, 3,691 birds Algarve OLR

128th Open Honest Romania OLR

304th Open 2,812 birds